“Lorin Latarro did the spirited, something-for-everyone choreography.”
- Ben Brantley, The New York Times
“This Twelfth Night sports a unified eclecticism in choreography, music, and design. Choreographer Lorin Latarro designs big, bold dance numbers that pull from broad references including Busby Berkeley, tap, dabbin, and moonwalking.”
- Nicole Serratore, Variety
“Rachel Hauck's multilevel scenery offers a gorgeous setting for Lorin Latarro's feisty choreography.”
- Zachary Stewart, Theatermania
“...dancing and singing in a gloriously joyous and solid stepping ensemble choreographed with love and a smile by Lorin Latarro.”
- Times Square Chronicles
“The first act floats along on a wave of silliness...the energetic performances, directed and choreographed by Lorin Latarro, are something to savor, and so are the harmonies.”
- Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times
“Director Lorin Latarro gave the show a gliding momentum that suited the songs.”
- Stephen Holden, The New York Times
“Diane Paulus and choreographer Lorin Latarro offer little jewels of movement — a group of soon-to-be-delivering moms moving to the heartbeats of their babies, and three waitresses singing as they add real ingredients to a pie mixture. It's all so well thought out that in one sequence, when the recipe calls for gingersnaps, everyone snaps their fingers.”
- Mark Kennedy, Associated Press
“... an ebullient knee-slapping country number, ‘Never Ever Getting Rid of Me,’ that Mr. Fitzgerald quite simply knocks out of the ballpark.”
- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
“... this ebullient production embraces so many different performers and creates a vibrant theatrical tapestry.”
- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
“Feminist, socialist underpinnings brought to the fore, clad in energetic dance.”
- Boston Globe
“...and Ms. Latarro’s smartly crafted dances never fail to serve the plot.”
- Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal
“Ms. Latarro has found an effective balance between her extensive modern and theater dance backgrounds. Movements smartly attuned musically, her choreography eats up space with intense immediacy”
- Dance Magazine
“Beautifully staged with a splashy circus number …tumbling, magic tricks and acrobatic choreography.”
- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
“Best of all is Lorin Latarro's zesty choreography, which is danced so well you think you're a block from Times Square.”
- Wall Street Journal
“A triple threat who started out as a modern dancer, Latarro wears wig after wig but you can always spot her. She dances with strength and sass. The kind of dancing that boosts the entertainment value of every show.”
- Dance Magazine
“Brassy, bawdy with fingers snappy”
- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
“Some of the most energetic and dazzling choreography ever seen at Barrington. She infused the cast with joie de vivre throughout the show.”
- BroadwayWorld.com
“Latarro’s extended dance sequences were simultaneously bittersweet and profoundly moving…A classy, joyful production and the opening number proves a prophetically true kick off to an evening of multiple showstoppers and toppers.”
- Theatermania
“Lorin Latarro continues to show her art as a maker of dance with every show she does at Bucks. Her work is particularly outstanding, as it was in ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’’ in 2014.”
- NealsPaper
“The use of the turntable in Another Hundred People was lovely, and the choreography throughout was exceptional. Guarini’s fine dancing in Side by Side was unexpected and quite fun.”
- John Dwyer and Herb Millman, New Hope Free Press
“Bouncing with slick choreography (staged by Lorin Latarro)...”
- Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review
“And once again Lorin Latarro devises lively, admirable, gymnastic, eye-popping dances.”
- Neal Zoren, Princeton Info
“most notably—‘Too Darn Hot’ blazes through Lorin Latarro’s eclectic choreography.”
- Metroland
“The Playhouse’s version of ‘My Fair Lady’ doesn’t have any new takes on the plot, but the choreography by Lorin Latarro sets this production apart by getting the most from the agile set of dancers.”
- Steve Ross, Cape Cod Times
“A zinger! Latarro's inventive choreography embellish the mix.”
- Theatermania
“Choreography that uses every inch of the stage. Combo of jazz, ballet and athletic feats that dazzle.”
- Curtain Up
“Latarro's choreography throughout a at times comical, bittersweet, arresting and breath-taking. She is brilliant.”
- Metroland
“Choreographer Lorin Latarro gives outstanding work in City Club (absolutely adored her work for City Center’s Encores production of Fanny) especially the adagio in Act 2.”
- Andrew Martin, Cabaret Exchange
“Latarro’s intense choreography, including a striking apache is a treat.”
- Cabaret Scenes
“The choreography (Lorin Latarro) made each number special...”
- Lauren Hartranft, Phindie
“Latarro has schooled the latter cuties in some convincingly high handed Cotton Club moves..”
- Theatermania
“Sizzling, winning choreography by Lorin Latarro.”
- Andy Propst, Backstage
“Latarro keeps the story moving in two senses of the word…exquisite choreography, consummately crafted.”
- Backstage
“Movement and imagery serve the story rather than the other way around.”
- Show Business Weekly
“A rising young artist, Latarro’s staging caught the tentative unrequited love of two characters that never quite touch.”
- Cabaret Scenes
“Lorin Latarro then began a ballet that silently created the backstory for their characters. It was easily the most emotional moment of the concert and proved how much dance can add to a scene.”
- BroadwayWorld.com
“She has an incredibly varied background and brings all those skills to the table, from pop culture parody to musical theatre homage, with much flair and theatricality.”
- Michael Graziano, Broadway Cares
“Lorin Latarro earned stand up and cheer bravos for her choreography and musical staging at Town Hall.”
- CurtainUp.com
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