New Choreographers on the Block

by Lauren Kay
May 10, 2012
Lorin Latarro

With 14 Broadway shows under her belt, Lorin Latarro is one of today's most respected musical theater veterans. Juilliard training and work with the Martha Graham Company are evident in her powerful dynamism as a dancer; her style and sensuality have earned her gigs working with Kathleen Marshall and Twyla Tharp. Her choreography, the offspring of these influences, is a unique blend -- sometimes sexy, specific, and complicated, sometimes expansive and earthy. Regardless, the story remains her priority. "I move between classic modernism, postmodernism, and musical theater," she says. "I always choose the tool that's most appropriate to characters and narrative."

See It: "The City Club" (choreographer; Minetta Lane Theatre, NYC).

Audition Info: "Be authentic and take intelligent risks."

Rehearsal Room: "I'm clear about what I want to see, but I welcome collaboration and fun. Creativity flows when we're happy."
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